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Mastering is crucial stage of post-production. It will make your track sound as good as it can by making it punchier, more transparent, deeper, wider, tighter and more controlled, fatter, glossier, etc. Sometimes there is even no need to make visible changes but to make the song sound as good as it can on any sound system.
Proper mastering is a key stage before broadcasting the track to mass media.


Album mastering

Apart from what has been said above, the aim of album mastering is to make individual tracks sound coherent and work as one-peace product. This means the music will flow naturally, avoiding any disturbance when song changes from one to another, the levels in all songs will fit just right avoiding the need to use any sound controls while listening to an album.

When you prepare your mix for mastering please do next things:
  • First, make sure that each track and the master bus peak levels are between -3 db and -6 db. This ensures that mix has no clipping. The volume should sound low. We’ll raise it during the mastering process.
  • Secondly, remove any processing e.g. limiters or compressors from the master bus.
  • Third, make sure you submit a high resolution .wav or .aif file. We can master mp3′s however you’ll get a better final product when mastering from a high resolution file.
Mixing is the second stage that follows after the tracking and physical recording process. The main task of mixing is to bring all the tracks together in one piece adjusting the levels, tonality, dynamics, automation and placement of tracks.
Individual songs can normally be mastered within 1-2 days, however we reserve 4 days to be secured. Mastering a whole album may take longer, as it requires time to get familiar with your music style, perform the mastering itself and leave some time for final adjustments after few days later.


Individual songs can be mixed within 3-4 days. (We reserve 7 days to be secured). Mixing of album will take longer, as it requires a lot of adjustments of different sound variables in each song that it rather time consuming by itself, however it varies from track to track.

Yes, we do. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work ;)
Yes (within reason). We want your track to be perfect.