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JustMixIt is the premier online mixing and mastering studio. You can get services that will cover all your postproduction needs here. We provide industry standard mixing and mastering online services to musicians and other artists at affordable prices. Our mastering engineer will make your music soar and boom and make each track ready to face off in today's competitive music market. You can have your TV or radio mix ready for broadcast already within 48 hours! Simple, fast, rock n roll!


With over 10 years experience as a sound engineer with a background in music recording and advertising JustMixIt knows what it takes to deliver a top quality product. We will make mixing and mastering specific to your song to bring your vision to life. JustMixIt is dedicated to excellence using the top equipment and software to provide outstanding client services each and every time. Let us bring out the magic in your music.

Get started

It is easy to get started. You've done all the hard work by composing and recording your music. Now by teaming with JustMixIt you can make the absolute best out of it by getting professional mixing and mastering So sit back and let us create your masterpiece. Our audio service is both easy and fun! We are providing a communication process that lets you continue to do what you do best - make great music. We got your back. Mixing music online is what we do!

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Step 1 - Upload

The first step is uploading your audio files.

Step 2 - Listen

Once you have sent the file, we need 48/72 hours to do our magic and send you a sample of the final work.

Step 3 - Buy (If you like it)

Now, if you like what you hear, you can proceed with the purchase. No up-front cost for mastering (50% up-front for mixing), you pay only if you are satisfied.

Our Clients

This is a short list of our mixing and mastering clients.